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The First Christmas Tree

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I remember hearing a Christmas story that really warmed my heart. I can’t remember where I heard it (read it) or from what country it originated from but this story really warmed my heart……


This is the story of the first Christmas trees.


The people of a village wanted to help those in need during the winter solstice.

Not knowing where the people lived that they wanted to help, they began leaving “gifts” on the trees of an evergreen forest nearby. Those in need could come and take what they needed, without having to ask for a “handout”.


At first, the villagers left “gifts” of hats and mittens hung on a pine trees branches, then they began to leave little “gifts” of meat and fruit. They tied the meat up in balls of cloth and wrapped fruit and nuts with string and hung them from the pine trees branches. These were the first ornaments.

They also left candles tied to the branches so those who wanted to could find the “gifts”. These were the first Christmas lights.


Soon the whole village took to leaving these “gifts” and whole trees would be decorated with these “lights” and “ornaments”. As the tree filled up and there was no longer room on the branches for anymore, the villagers wrapped packages of food and clothing and placed them under the tree. These were the first “Christmas presents”.


They did not count on one problem. That was the animals the lived in the forest. The villagers thought long and hard on “How to keep the animals from eating the gifts” they left. They decided to string popcorn and berries on the trees for the birds and animals. These were the first “Tree garlands”.


As time went by this tradition evolved into our modern tradition of the Christmas tree, and gift giving.