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Sugar Dish

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Candy Dish

This recipe calls for egg so the children should be told not to lick their fingers, while making it.


Foil shape pans

3 c sugar

1 egg white

Pull apart licorice

Candy decors



Combine sugar and egg white in a bowl.

Mix well

Pack sugar mixture firmly into shaped pans

Scrape tops level with spatula,

Return extra sugar to the bowl

Spoon mixture from the center of each shape

(1/2 to 5/8 inch thick border)

Place a plate over the pans.

Flip over gently

Carefully lift pan off.



If any break, wash and dry pan, then fill again, reusing the sugar mixture.

Set sugar shape in a warm place and allow to dry at least two hours and preferably overnight


Decorate with string licorice and candy decors

Fill the dish with small candies.