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Painted Window

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Click the picture for sample designs


Butcher paper



Paint brushes (various sizes)


Choosing simple designs are best, for example: snowman, Christmas tree, Star of David, wrapped present

Draw your design, actual size, on butcher paper

Tape the butcher paper to the outside of the window with the design facing out.

This will be your guide for applying the paint to the outside of the window.



Don't bother washing the windows right before painting; a light coat of dust will help the paint adhere to the window.


Prepare the work area by placing newspaper on the ground.

Paint large areas of the design first, using a wide brush.

Use smaller brushes to paint smaller areas and add details.

You can outline your design and add finishing touches by using a fine tipped brush with black or white paint.


*Make your own pattern from coloring books, drawings, Christmas cards or whatever.