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Lightbulb Reindeers

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Large glass Christmas tree lights, assorted colors

Med. wiggly eyes

Brown/black pipe cleaners


Small pompoms


Optional, if painting bulb---------

Styrofoam egg carton (upside down with hole in center of cups)

Place light bulb with screw-side down into Styrofoam egg carton


Allow to dry

Continue with the following directions




Place light bulb screw side facing away from you

Glue two eyes just below metal rim

Glue red/black pompom at tip of light bulb

Cut pipe cleaner in 1/2 and wrap around the metal part of the bulb.

Cut remaining 1/2 into two smaller pieces and attach them to the pipe cleaner left on either side of the bulb.

Add a drop of glue to anchor pipe cleaners around rim of screw.

Add ribbon for the hanger tied around metal part of bulb